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Auto AC Repair in Tulsa, OK

Why Is My Car's Air Conditioning Not Working Properly?

Are you experiencing AC problems in your car? Come by Discount Transmission & Auto Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With over 25 years of repair experience and a team dedicated to genuine car care, we can complete all auto AC repair services with efficiency and ease.Auto AC repair is easy when you work with us at Discount Transmission & Auto Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Visit us today at 5801 South Mingo Road. To learn more about our services and repair shop amenities, give us a call at 918-217-4559. We look forward to working with you soon!

Common Car AC Problems

We're familiar with all types of issues with air conditioning systems. One of the most common problem areas is electrical, which is seen with failed switches, blown fuses, control module complications, or loose connections. Additional complications often seen with AC systems include refrigerant leaks, faulty cooling fans, and bad compressors. The condenser can become blocked or clogged with debris, leading it to further, more serious damage if left neglected. When you bring your car in, we'll discuss the problems you're having, conduct an inspection, and properly diagnose the issue. How do you know if there's a problem and need for auto AC repair? Indicators include a damp or musty smell when the AC is in use, the defroster taking longer than normal to function, low airflow, or air that doesn't get cool.

How to Care for Your AC System

Many AC problems can either be minimized or prevented altogether with routine servicing. By taking the proper preventative maintenance measures, you ensure your air conditioning system is in its best condition. So, what does auto AC care entail? For starters, we recommend running the system at least once a week—even when it's cold out. Set it at the highest and coldest levels, and let it run for about 10 minutes. This helps maintain the gas pressure and the compressor. Similarly, try to always keep the exterior grills located at the base of the windshield clear since leaves and other debris can clog the system. Experts recommend an AC recharge service every two years or so and a routine change of the air filter. Remember, a little preventive maintenance now means less time and money spent on auto AC repairs later.

Reliable Auto AC Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Whether your vehicle needs an AC recharge or a new cooling fan, we have you covered with expert auto AC repair services. We proudly service all makes and models, and each job we perform comes with a comprehensive warranty. In fact, our repair shop offers three different warranty options: 12 month/12,000 mile, 24 month/24,000 mile, and 36 month/36,000 mile. Contact our team to learn more about what each consists of! For affordable pricing, auto repair financing, and efficient service, there's nowhere better to go.