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Check Engine Light in Tulsa, OK

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"Why is my check engine light on?" At Discount Transmission & Auto Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we use advanced technology to perform professional engine diagnostics and repairs. Contact us at 918-217-4559 to learn more! We are home to dependable car repair and service. We are conveniently located at 5801 South Mingo Road. Schedule an appointment today!

How Does the Check Engine Light Work?

All light-duty vehicles and trucks from 1996 and beyond are designed with the second-generation on-board diagnostics system (OBD-II), a computer-based system that continuously monitors the major components of a vehicle. If its network of sensors detects a problem, a signal will be sent to and stored in the OBD-II system; the check engine light will then illuminate to alert the driver. The system is designed with different trouble codes to regulate its operation. Once a technician accesses the system's information and trouble code with a scan tool or code reader, they can determine the problem area of the vehicle. These tools will not provide an exact reason for engine light; it simply points them to the part that is exhibiting a complication. From there, they conduct a thorough inspection to troubleshoot the issue.

What Can Trigger the Engine Light?

The reasons why the engine light comes on can be minor or major. The most minor is a loose gas cap on your vehicle. If you secure the gas cap and the check engine light is still present, we recommend a visit to your local auto repair shop for proper diagnosis. So, what triggered your engine light? The OBD-II system monitors the engine computer, which means a multitude of components can be at fault. The most common include worn or damaged spark plugs, worn spark plug wires, loose or cracked hoses and manifolds, faulty oxygen sensors or mass airflow sensors, a bad catalytic converter, or low oil pressure. There could also be a problem with your exhaust system, which is responsible for processing your engine's harmful byproducts. Determining the precise issue correctly takes meticulous craftsmanship, patience, and dedication—the kind of commitment that you will find here in our repair facility.

Where Can I Go for Engine Diagnostics?

Your trusted source for all general car repair—Discount Transmission & Auto Repair. Our team is smart and experienced, and the equipment we use to aid our services is state of the art and up to industry standards. We have extensive experience with check engine light diagnostics and repair; so much so, we've virtually seen and fixed it all. We recommend visiting at your earliest convenience when your engine light comes on to prevent further damage and problems. However, if you're experiencing a flashing check engine light, it's important to stop by as soon as possible; this indicates the complication detected is serious and should be handled right away. We'll take a moment to speak with you about the basics—when the engine light came on, any performance-related issues recently experienced, a review of maintenance history, and the like. These pieces of information serve as a foundation for our inspection and help us accurately diagnose the issue.