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Suspension Repair in Tulsa, OK

Problems with Your Handling or Stability? Come By Our Repair Shop

Your suspension system works hard to keep your tires firmly on the pavement and your vehicle under control. If you’re having trouble with handling or stability, trust the professionals at Discount Transmission & Auto Repair with suspension repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have the tools and expertise to properly repair your suspension, whether you need replacement struts or springs. Our goal is to make sure you always have the complete control and comfort you need, no matter how or where you’re driving. Book an appointment with our service and repair team at 918-217-4559 today for suspension repair. You can find our facility located at 5801 South Mingo Road.

What Causes Car Suspension Problems?

The suspension system plays an important role in the operation of your vehicle. Not only does it absorb road imperfections like bumps, but it also helps keep the car in control. A sudden impact on the road, such as a pothole or other obstruction, can instantly impact and damage the system. On the other side of the coin, suspension problems can result from neglected routine maintenance. It’s imperative to stay on top of tasks that directly affect the suspension, such as regular inspections, wheel alignments, and tire services (rotations, balances, replacements). How do you know if your suspension isn’t working correctly? You’ll experience pulling to one side when driving, difficulty steering, or a rough ride. Visual signs include oily shock absorbers and one corner of your vehicle sitting lower to the ground, which usually indicates a broken or damaged spring.

Different Types of Suspension Repair

We are fully prepared for all forms of suspension repair. Certain components in the suspension system are prone to wear from age and use, including the springs, shock absorbers, struts, tie rods, arms, and ball joints. Shocks and struts can become dented or produce a leak depending on the trauma experienced. We can provide parts replacement for each of these pieces if they are worn to the point of being ineffective and compromising your safety, or if they have been damaged. When one of these components becomes defective, it can actually affect the other parts in the system and lead to more issues, such as corrosion, friction, leaks, and warping. When you visit our repair shop serving Tulsa, Oklahoma, our certified technicians will meticulously inspect your suspension system to determine what exactly is wrong.

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No matter the make and model of your vehicle, we are here to assist. Our team is exceptionally talented and dedicated to car care, and we only use the most advanced equipment and follow all manufacturer guidelines. With our combined 25+ years of experience, rest assured we’ll accurately inspect, diagnose, and treat your vehicle when you come in for suspension repair service. We keep prices low and affordable to accommodate our customers, and you also have the option to apply for repair financing should you need it. Our suspension repair work is backed by an exclusive warranty that provides ample coverage for all major components —contact our team for full details.