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Does Your Car Have Suspension Problems?

Five Warning Signs Your Vehicle Needs Suspension Repair Here at Discount Transmission & Auto Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we get a lot of questions from customers about their car’s suspension. Your car suspension is an intricate system composed of many different parts. These components work together to ensure you always enjoy a comfortable ride. But […]

Keep Your Pet Safe On the Road

Five Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe in Your Car Pet parents go to great lengths to keep their furry friends healthy and happy. That’s why keeping your pet safe when it’s on the road with you is essential. Practicing car safety habits with your pet is important, whether it’s a visit to the vet […]

What Causes Car Suspension Damage?

Shockingly, Issues in Your Daily Drive May Be Springing Your Car Toward Suspension Damage — Discount Transmission and Auto Repairs If your vehicle is riding or handling more like an ox cart on a field path than a modern sedan, maybe it’s time for suspension repair. But that could leave you wondering how suspension damage […]

Customer-Mechanic Communication

Talk is Cheap-er than Not Talking — Discount Transmission & Auto Repair When it comes to auto repair, some adhere to the old adage, “Talk is cheap.” Drivers may feel that talking doesn’t get the repair job done or that they aren’t qualified to fix the vehicle–which is why they’ve taken it to a professional. […]