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The Discount Transmission & Auto Repair team specializes in transmission repair for all makes and models. Serving the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area, you can count on us for accurate repair services guided by a team of experts and complemented by affordable rates. For all your transmission repair needs in Tulsa, Oklahoma, turn to Discount Transmission & Auto Repair. Our facility is located at 5801 South Mingo Road. Please contact us at 918-217-4559 with any further questions you may have!

Types of Automatic Transmission Problems

An automatic transmission does not require driver input to function; it instead uses sensors to propel gear shifts. Automatic transmissions are most commonly present in modern-day vehicles, and we have extensive experience in servicing and repairing all versions. A few symptoms that indicate transmission issues include grinding or shaking, no response when engaging gears, whining or humming noises, a burning smell, leaking fluid, and slipping gears. What exactly is going on? For example, leaks happen as a result of a defective pan gasket, faulty seals, or loose pan bolts, while transmission overheating is caused by burnt or ineffective fluid, clogged cooler lines, or a defective solenoid. Additional issues that warrant transmission repair include worn gears, broken transmission bands, burnt clutch plates, low fluid levels, and broken vacuum lines.

Types of Manual Transmission Problems

Unlike an automatic, a manual transmission does require driver input to operate and consists of a gear stick and clutch. While simpler in design compared to the automatic transmission, manual transmissions are still vulnerable to certain issues and occasional transmission repair. For example, a loose or misaligned transmission can be common, as well as a loose shifter cover and misaligned clutch housing. A failed pilot bearing or bushing and worn or loose internal components are additional causes of manual transmission problems. How do you know if something is wrong? You’ll likely come across one or more of these tell-tale signs: odd sounds, a grinding noise, difficulty shifting, leaking oil, sticking or slipping gears, and jumping out of gear.

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Automatic and manual transmissions come with their own set of advantages and need for repairs, and we’re here to accommodate all. If you are experiencing issues with your transmission, we encourage you to seek the advice and expertise of our automotive repair specialists today. We can assist with all minor and major transmission services, repairs, and parts replacements, and we can provide the best maintenance plan for you to follow to ensure top-notch transmission care. Our auto shop features sophisticated technology and equipment that allows us to diagnose and treat transmission problems accurately. We also offer three comprehensive warranty options, repair financing, and so much more! Get in touch with our car care team to learn more about what we can do for you.