Customer-Mechanic Communication

Talk is Cheap-er than Not Talking — Discount Transmission & Auto Repair

When it comes to auto repair, some adhere to the old adage, “Talk is cheap.” Drivers may feel that talking doesn’t get the repair job done or that they aren’t qualified to fix the vehicle–which is why they’ve taken it to a professional. No, words alone won’t remedy the problem, and you are enlisting the help of a professional because you aren’t comfortable working on your own car. However, the truth is that, when applied to vehicle repairs, talk is cheaper than failing to communicate. The experienced team at Discount Transmission & Auto Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is passionate about the work they perform on all makes and models. Since the shop is locally owned and operated, staff members are always willing to listen to what their neighbors have to say about their cars, including business fleets.

Driver Awareness and Articulation

Your certified automotive technician is indeed a highly qualified industry professional, but he/she doesn’t drive the car on a daily basis and hasn’t experienced the symptoms that led you to seek help. If you simply drop the auto off, your technician will probably have to spend more time diagnosing the problem. That time may be reduced or even eliminated if you tell the mechanic exactly what you experienced with the vehicle. Perhaps this will even include a comparison with the car’s typical performance. For instance, if the auto won’t start or is difficult to crank, did you hear something unusual? A grinding noise may point toward a failing starter, while clicking could indicate a weak battery or poorly connecting battery terminal. Only you will know what noise you heard unless you communicate that. Also, you know how your car usually “feels.” If it used to go as soon as you pressed the accelerator and now there is a sensation of delay between the time you touch the pedal and the car’s movement, your mechanic may suspect a transmission problem. Don’t worry that you don’t sound competent or mechanically minded. Your technician is a professional who can sort through the details you provide, determining which ones are relevant and usable while ignoring the rest. Further, don’t worry about sounding silly. Mimicking the noise you heard from your vehicle may provide an excellent clue to the exact nature of the issue. The more the service provider knows about the problem, the sooner he/she can fix it to get you back on the road and the less trial and error techniques he/she will employ, saving you money in labor costs and maybe even parts.

Your Best Spot for Talking

Where you take your car matters. You need a technician who will listen like those at Discount Transmission & Auto Repair.

Written by Discount Transmission and Auto Repair