What Causes Car Suspension Damage?

Shockingly, Issues in Your Daily Drive May Be Springing Your Car Toward Suspension Damage — Discount Transmission and Auto Repairs

If your vehicle is riding or handling more like an ox cart on a field path than a modern sedan, maybe it’s time for suspension repair. But that could leave you wondering how suspension damage happens and what is actually harmed. We’re glad to explain a few basics about your car’s suspension, damage, and repairs to you, and we’re also here to help you get your vehicle back on the road with reliable repairs that return the comfort and safety to your driving experience. If your auto isn’t behaving as it should, count on the certified technicians at Discount Transmission & Auto Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Suspension System Overview

First things first–what is meant by the term “suspension system”? Often, people are referring to the shocks and springs that absorb the surface impacts as you travel. These components allow your car to float or ease over bumps and rough surfaces, making your ride less traumatic and helping your wheels stay connected to the roadway. Others use the term more inclusively, referring to suspension as the shocks, springs, axles, and wheels/tires–all the parts that help your car stay in contact with the road. While the suspension is an important passenger comfort feature, it is even more crucial as a safety feature. Suspension damage impacts the way your auto handles–how well it maintains contact with the pavement and how well it steers and turns.

The Potential for Damage is Everywhere

Then there’s the obvious next question. What causes suspension damage? Some damaging events are self evident. If your vehicle is involved in a crash, it may incur suspension damage. But did you know that dropping into a really bad pothole or hitting multiple lesser divots over time can lead to suspension injuries? What’s more, your daily drive contributes, too. That’s right. Because no road surface is perfectly smooth, your auto’s suspension system is always in motion as it absorbs even small shocks. Over time, this wears on the components, resulting in damage that is purely a factor of use. Thus, the potential for suspension system damage is literally everywhere.

Damage Repair is Here

Although the potential for damage is everywhere, the good news is that reliable suspension repair is available right here in Tulsa. Discount Transmission & Auto Repair works on all makes and models. Since we’re locally owned and operated, it’s truly a place where neighbors (our technicians) help neighbors (you). We back our work with a choice of three great warranties: 12 months/12,000 miles, 24 months/24,000 miles, and 36 months/36,000 miles. Further, we offer affordable prices and have rotating specials to make your repairs affordable.

Written by Discount Transmission and Auto Repair